Part to build an infra-red transmitter
The parts needed to build an infra-red transmitter, which is to be plugged in the USB hole in a computer.

Wiimote - IR locator

One of my latest project, the WLMando, a Flash media site controlled by a Wiimote, the remote control of Nintendo Wii - game console. The project is produced by an Italian Internet video news publishing company, Synchronicity PBS and it is soon out for early testing.

To tell the Wiimote the direction guidance, Nintendo offers the designated sensor bar for sale around 10 USD. It is also possible to build your own. Here I have done one by using a infra red led and some other related hardware.

The materials used for this box costed 8.54 EUR, where the most expensive part was the actual box 3.29 EUR. With the tools added, the visit to the electronic shop was ~76 EUR. So how much was the rate between USD and EUR?