XIFF overhaul upgrade from XMLNode to XML

For the last half a year I have been looking into the removal of XMLNode and XMLDocumentclasses from the XIFF library in favour of XML class. So far being unsuccessful in this due to the time constrains, I am hoping the bigger community to jump in. Biggest worries are coming from the name space handling.

The upgrade will make the code more readable, perform faster and result a smaller file size of the complied application.

Recently all the Flex dependencies have been removed, which brings another dependency, AS3Crypto, a library which is used for several kind of enc-/decrypting and hashing purposes. XIFF uses it now for Base64 encoding/decoding and in the near future for MD5 hashing (as in Digest-MD5 authentication method).

Call for examples is still on as announced some time ago.

The feature wish list is still valid as well.