Block number 28
The street of Fabian is covering one side of the 28th block in old Helsinki

Year 2010: XIFF was by far the most popular

The year 2010 is now in the past and as usual it is time to look for the statistics, thus attached is the yearly results from Google Analytics.

It is clear that the XIFF examples are by far the most popular stories, but recently Qt Quick has started to gain viewers.

While the pageviews for XIFF have been decreasing for some 25%, the whole site has a minimal 0.73% reduction.

The year 2011 will most likely have no actionscript related stories, since I currently work mostly with QML. Also my Master’s Thesis for the Master of Engineering studies is about improving the work flow of design to implementation, which will increase the likelihood of more Qt Quick related stories.

Recap of the similar information for previous years:

What makes the year 2010 more special than any of previous? Answer in Twitter.

As a continuation of the previous question, what then makes the year 2011 even more special? Well perhaps the wedding in 22nd July and two months of training in Japan.